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Session 10: Managing Side Effects and Potential Complications, and Addressing Myths and Rumors about LARC Methods


This session discusses the management of common side effects and potential complications, and how to address rumors and misconceptions associated with LARC methods.


By the end of this unit, participants will be able to:

  • Manage common side effects and potential complications with LARC methods.
  • Address rumors and misconceptions associated with IUDs and implants.

Timing & Methodology

Total: 70 minutes (1 hour, 10 minutes)

  • 30 minutes: Facilitator Presentation and Group Discussion
  • 40 minutes: Group Activity: Mix and Match Game


  • Print, download, and gather materials
  • Print and cut out all of the boxes for “Rumors and Misconceptions” and “Facts and Realities” from the Rumors and Facts vs. Facts and Realities of LARCs mix and match handout

Resources Available Online

Sexual and reproductive health services remain critical during COVID-19

IAWG members and partners are producing clinical and programmatic guidance, assessments, policy papers, and statements to ensure continued prioritization of sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout COVID-19 response in humanitarian settings.