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Expanding access to sexual and reproductive health in crises

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The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), in collaboration with Rights Co-Lab, Peace Direct and the Ringo social lab members, with support from Wilde Ganzen under the Giving for Change programme, is piloting and testing a transformative Ringo prototype: "Decolonizing Advisory Platform" to shift the INGO system and respond to the areas where the global civil society sector is stuck. The prototype seeks to establish a knowledge advisory service or centre made up of activists and advisors from the Global South who would be willing and able to offer their services to stakeholders in the Global North to ‘Decolonize’ their practice and thinking. WACSI is therefore seeking input from a wide range of actors in the Global North, to identify and map out the level of interest among INGOs for a service of this kind and to determine whether a social enterprise is a right structure for this venture.

9/13/2022 Learn More

For World Humanitarian Day, EQUAL led a Q&A with the founder of the Somali Research and Development Institute on the importance of humanitarian health research including addressing the high rates of maternal and neonatal death in Somalia.

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Sexual and reproductive health is a core component of primary health care, but is often forgotten or ignored in humanitarian settings

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35 million of the 134 million people in need of humanitarian assistance are women and girls of reproductive age.