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Revision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinical Outreach Refresher Training (S-CORT) Modules

From 2017-2020, the IAWG Training Partnership Initiative and partners collaborated to develop and update five training modules to support clinical sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service providers to better implement the objectives of 2018 revised Minimum Initiative Service Package (MISP) for SRH.

The series was finalized in 2020. It includes materials specifically designed for master clinical trainers as well as participants. The materials are designed for in-person or blended training on the following lifesaving SRH services:

  • Uterine Evacuation with Medications
  • Uterine Evacuation with Manual Vacuum Aspiration
  • Long-Acting Reversible Contraception
  • Basic Emergency Obstetric Care: Select Signal Functions
  • Clinical Management of Survivors of Sexual Violence

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