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IAWG Annual Report 2020

Reviewing milestone achievements during a year of unprecedented challenges.

In a year of unexpected and unprecedented challenges, IAWG was pushed to envision new ways of working. We adapted new and existing tools and resources to better serve those at the frontlines of advancing SRHR in humanitarian settings, we leveraged our collective voice to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and we found new ways to connect and build community in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Highlights

Responding to COVID

The COVID-19 Taskforce led our rapid response in sourcing and sharing relevant information, developing programmatic guidance, and engaging in ongoing advocacy efforts. We began developing the Frontlines Implementers Network, an open and trusted virtual platform that will meet the self-identified needs of implementers.

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Tools to Transition from MISP to Comprehensive SRH

The IAWG Training Partnership Initiative led a three-year effort creating workshops and trainings to aid in transitioning from MISP objective to comprehensive SRH services.

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S-CORT Modules

The IAWG Training Partnership Initiative revised five clinical training courses to help providers achieve the objectives of the MISP.

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Streaming IAWG 2020

Pivoting from an in-person because of COVID-19, IAWG hosted a digitized version of the 18th meeting; repurposing 14 panels and presentations as online sessions.

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Website Launch

The March 2020 redesign of IAWG.net improved site speed, user experience, and site functionality.

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Launched MISP Distance Learning Module

This self-instructional learning module increases knowledge of priority SRH services that must be initiated at the onset of a humanitarian crisis and provides the information and tools needed to fully implement the MISP.

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Institutionalizing Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

The ASRH Sub-Working Group released the 2020 revision of the ASRH toolkit for humanitarian settings, ran a webinar series to assist adolescent-led organizations in their COVID-19 responses, and provided 15 grants to adolescent-led organizations.

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Accelerating Maternal and Newborn Health

Launched the Accelerating Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings Initiative.

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311 Resources Shared

IAWG, member organizations, and community-based organizations shared an astounding 311 resources to advocate for and provide sexual and reproductive health services in humanitarian settings.

52 Members

IAWG had 20 Steering Committee members, 25 Associate Organizations, and 7 Associate Individuals.

3,300+ Community

More than 3,300 sexual and reproductive health community members engaged with IAWG online.

2021 Priorities

Collaborative Learning and Innovation

Empowering IAWG and its partners to share innovations, document and build evidence around what works when delivering SRH in emergencies, and collaborating around resource development and programming.

Support Ongoing Localization Efforts

Launching IAWG’s Frontline Implementers Network; supporting or revitalizing regional IAWGs or other regional coordination platforms; and channeling resources to local actors to better prepare for and respond to emergencies in collaboration with IAWG.

Advocacy and Accountability

Amplifying IAWG voices in advocacy circles and quickly responding to emerging advocacy opportunities and needs to fulfill global commitments to SRHR.

Governance and Strategy

Undertaking activities to strengthen IAWG’s systems and structure to support strategic growth, including a diversity, equity, and inclusion audit and strategic planning for 2021-2025.

Strategic and Sustainable Partnership Development

Mobilizing additional funding for unfunded or underfunded SRHR areas.