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IAWG Website Launch

IAWG.net’s redesign launched in March 2020, releasing design, content, and architecture updates intended to address challenges identified through a research and discovery process with a variety of IAWG.net audience members. Some of the key features offered by the new design include:

  • Optimized for speed in areas with limited or unreliable access to the internet or cellular service. The average page load time improved by 66.40%, from 11.53 seconds on the old site to 3.87 seconds currently.
  • Mobile-first design for users without access to desktop displays.
  • Improved search functionality across the site and the resources database. Search results now display more information including the resource author, date, and summary.
  • The reimagined emergency page allows IAWG to quickly respond to emerging crises with available resources. As the crisis develops, advocacy statements, key contacts, and more will be shared. This was used immediately after launch in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (iawg.net/covid-19). This section drives 5.68% of website traffic1.
  • Improved layout for complex training like the S-CORTS and MISP distance learning module, which is our most-used resource, driving 6.75% of traffic.
  • Our work section highlights main issue areas using non-technical language.
  • Improved integration of all resources, events, and news across appropriate pages. Resources drive 45.14% of site traffic. IAWG now only directly hosts resources that it has authored and links directly to the resource author’s website. This helps to streamline updates and consolidate metrics.