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Uterine Evacuation in Crisis Settings Using Medications and Manual Vacuum Aspiration


The Uterine Evacuation in Crisis Settings Using Medications and Manual Vacuum Aspiration outreach training is designed for clinical facilitators leading refresher courses for clinicians with reproductive health backgrounds. This includes clinicians already familiar with intrauterine procedures, including manual vacuum aspiration (MVA), and who meet established prerequisites regarding reproductive health care knowledge and skills but may or may not be trained in use of mifepristone and/or misoprostol for uterine evacuation.

This training package includes a slide presentation, learning activities, and other participant materials and resources designed to help health care workers learn the knowledge and skills they need to provide uterine evacuation with medications and first-trimester uterine evacuation using Ipas MVA Plus® Aspirator and EasyGrip Cannulae®. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain why uterine evacuation is an essential part of reproductive health services in crisis settings
  2. Counsel women seeking abortion in crisis settings
  3. Provide uterine evacuation for women in crisis settings using medications and/or manual vacuum aspiration
  4. Recognize and manage women who develop complications from uterine evacuation with medications or manual vacuum aspiration
  5. Integrate uterine evacuation with medications and manual vacuum aspiration into their present reproductive health services and organize and monitor the services

Course components include discussion and activities to promote sustainability for onsite uterine evacuation services. The course also provides ways to address ongoing training needs in crisis settings that have high staff turnover. It is intended for in-person workshops in crisis settings with limited resources.

Please note that this course focuses on the use of medications and manual vacuum aspiration, rather than comprehensive abortion or postabortion care. For broader training materials on comprehensive abortion care and comprehensive postabortion care, refer to the Ipas Woman-Centered, Comprehensive Abortion Care Facilitator’s Manual (2nd ed.) and other Ipas curricula, available at www.ipas.org.

The training combines content from two previously published uterine evacuation training packages: Uterine Evacuation in Crisis Settings Using Manual Vacuum Aspiration and Uterine Evacuation in Crisis Settings Using Medications, which were designed to be stand-alone trainings.

Course Materials


Course components include:

  1. Presentation slides
  2. Case studies
  3. Interactive activities
  4. Pre- and post-tests
  5. Skills checklists and other job-aids

Options to Download Course Materials

You can access the materials for planning and managing the Uterine Evacuation in Crisis Settings Using Medications and Manual Vacuum Aspiration clinical outreach refresher training using the following links:

Course Units

The training is divided into 9 units.

Feedback on the Training Materials

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