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Units 5+6: Skills Practice


Participants practice the following skills: active management of the third stage of labor, manual removal of the placenta, and bimanual compression of the uterus.


By the end of this unit, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate active management of the third stage of labor.
  • Demonstrate manual removal of the placenta.
  • Demonstrate bimanual compression of the uterus.

Timing & Methodology

Total: 90 minutes (1 hour, 30 minutes)

  • 75 minutes: Group Skills Practice
  • 15 minutes: Group Discussion and Debrief


  • Print, download, and gather materials
  • Set up three stations, one for each skill
  • Optional: If of interest and the participants are allowed to perform this intervention in their context, set up a fourth station to practice insertion of uterine balloon tamponade

Resources Available Online

Sexual and reproductive health services remain critical during COVID-19

IAWG members and partners are producing clinical and programmatic guidance, assessments, policy papers, and statements to ensure continued prioritization of sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout COVID-19 response in humanitarian settings.