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December 1, 2021, marks the second World AIDS Day since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For populations affected by conflict and crises, COVID-19 has held specific consequences for service delivery and access to care, including for HIV prevention and response. Interruptions to HIV service delivery are often experienced during disruptions such as civil unrest, elections, flooding, cyclones, and disease outbreaks. These disruptions may further drive the HIV epidemic by fueling gender-based violence, child labor, and lack of access to HIV services. As we observe World AIDS Day this year, the STIs/HIV Sub-Working Group (SWG) wishes to emphasize the need for adaptive strategies during humanitarian crises, particularly during the continued COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to those we serve.

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Rural Women Development Center (RUWDEC)

MyHealth MyPriority is a program out to sensitize communities on sexual health with a focus on HIV/AIDS the use of contraceptives and lubricants, encouraging people to feel comfortable talking about their sexual health. Communities in and around Buea, have relatively low knowledge on usage of female condoms. MyHealth MyPriority aims at enlightening the population on the use of female condoms. Though abstinence is the first advice given out to the population, the use of contraceptives for sexually active people is advised.

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Fòs Feminista, formerly known as International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region (IPPFWHR), announces a new platform for international action and feminist solidarity for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Fòs Feminista carries forward the work and partnerships of IPPFWHR, CHANGE, and the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), which formed an alliance in June 2021.

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In September, USAID’s MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership Project, in collaboration with WHO and UNFPA, hosted a technical consultation focused on maternal mental health. It brought together experts across the humanitarian-development nexus and reviewed the findings from a comprehensive landscape analysis brief the agencies undertook over the past few months. In this blog, the IAWG Newborn Initiative summarizes this consultation and calls upon the humanitarian community to examine the way forward for supporting the mental health of mothers in humanitarian and fragile settings to ensure they are not left behind.

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Community transformation centers the work and leadership of Youth Action for Community Transformation (YACOT), a community-based organization advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in northwest Uganda. YACOT is based in the Odobu Zone of Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, serving refugees (mostly from neighboring South Sudan) and members of the host community.Focused on serving the needs of community members from ages 15-35, YACOT leads SRH education, advocacy, and supply distribution. Co-founder and Executive Director Met Lim Gatluak said that, for HIV/AIDS, YACOT offers testing, basic counseling, and community-based outreach. Other SRHR programming includes the distribution of condoms, menstrual care management workshops, and family planning referrals.