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5/27/2020 Learn More

Bridging the Gap: Advancing Multipurpose Prevention Technologies from the Lab into the Hands of Women

Bethany Young Holt, James Kiarie, Gregory S Kopf, Kavita Nanda, Anke Hemmerling, Sharon L Achilles

With an array of innovative MPTs in the pipeline for prevention of unintended pregnancy, HIV, and/or other STIs, this is an exciting time for the MPT field. Yet the field faces funding and technical challenges. This is a commentary calls for a product-neutral panel of experts to help guide and advance the MPT field, and is co-authored by colleagues from FHI 360, Magee Women's Research Institute, UCSF, WHO, and the Initiative for MPT. 27 May 2020.

5/5/2020 Learn More

COVID-19 lays bare stark disparities in power. Among the world’s poorest and conflict-affected populations, these power hierarchies persist, albeit in different forms. In refugee camps, social distancing is a luxury made impossible by living in close quarters. In many low-income communities around the world, the poorest lack access to basic water, sanitation and hygiene to protect themselves from the virus.

5/4/2020 Learn More

NAGAT and Hakoura are two community-based organizations serving the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs of Jordan’s vulnerable, particularly refugee girls. The organizations jointly provide SRH and gender-based violence (GBV) programming for Palestinian, Syrian, and Iraqi refugee women and girls in Jordanian camps, in addition to acknowledging the needs of urban refugees and girls with disabilities.