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IAWG's Structure

The IAWG advances its mission through its members’ volunteer efforts. In 2014, to better support our growing and diversifying network, the IAWG adopted a more formalized, transparent structure.

At a glance, the IAWG is led by a Steering Committee, advanced by the work of technical and cross-cutting thematic sub-working groups, and coordinated by a four-person secretariat.

Steering Committee

Comprised of 21 member agencies, the Steering Committee shapes the IAWG’s overall strategic priorities. It is responsible for IAWG governance decisions and ensuring that external communications and sub-working groups’ terms of reference are aligned with IAWG’s agreed-upon principles. The Steering Committee elects five representatives from among its members to serve two-year terms on the Executive Committee, which is responsible for overseeing key financial decisions.

Sub-working Groups

Our members commit to working in one or more thematic sub-working groups related to the SRHR needs of crisis-affected communities. Each sub-working group updates its terms of reference annually, which serve to guide their work, evaluate the progress of advancing the SRHR agenda in crisis settings, and prioritize upcoming activities relevant to each sub-working group. Most sub-working groups also organize monthly conference calls to coordinate activities and discuss relevant content. For a current list of sub-working groups, refer to our website. Sub-working group participation is available to members at the Individual and Organizational Associate and Steering Committee levels.


The IAWG relies on a secretariat based in New York to undertake its essential operating activities, which include communications and coordination, membership management, fundraising and grant management, and advocacy.