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Gender-Based Violence

Preventing gender-based violence (GBV), harmful acts based on a person’s gender including threats, coercion, and acts of physical, sexual, or mental harm.

  • Prioritizing a survivor’s rights, needs, and wishes during design and implementation of gender-based violence programming.
  • Supporting the integration of gender-based violence prevention and response elements into a humanitarian response.
  • Advocating legal and cultural abandonment of GBV practices and the protection and support of survivors.


Acts of gender-based violence violate a number of universal human rights. Crises can exacerbate existing gender inequalities. The risks of gender-based violence increase in conflict-affected settings, particularly for women and girls. Men and boys can also be at risk of gender-based violence.

How We Work

Our work on this issue is led by the Gender-Based Violence Sub-Working Group—a dedicated group of IAWG members who set the priorities and advance research, practice, and advocacy for gender-based violence prevention and response in humanitarian settings. Learn about their current objectives, priorities, and latest work.

Sub-Working Group

Sexual and reproductive health services remain critical during COVID-19

IAWG members and partners are producing clinical and programmatic guidance, assessments, policy papers, and statements to ensure continued prioritization of sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout COVID-19 response in humanitarian settings.