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Surviving Day One: Caring for Mothers and Newborns in Humanitarian Emergencies on the Day of Childbirth


This advocacy report discusses the importance of increasing our focus on care for the mother-baby dyad during childbirth in humanitarian settings. Ensuring women and newborns are provided quality, respectful, timely and effective care, particularly in the hardest to reach places, requires collective action. To achieve this vision, we call on countries, donors, implementing organizations and global policymakers to mobilize around three key actions:

  1. Intensify preparedness and resilience-building efforts focused on maternal and newborn health
  2. Prioritize integrated maternal and newborn life-saving interventions in crisis settings
  3. Amplify the role of communities in the delivery of maternal and newborn health interventions, recognizing they are both the immediate and long-term responders

How We Work

Our work on this issue is led by the Maternal and Newborn Health Sub-Working Group—a dedicated group of IAWG members who set the priorities and advance research, practice, and advocacy for maternal and newborn care in humanitarian settings.