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Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) Calculators


At the very onset of an emergency, the Minimum Initial Services Package (MISP) for Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) in Humanitarian Settings Calculator should be used to help coordinators and program managers determine affected population demographics for advocacy, fundraising and programming.

The most significant change to the calculator is the addition of a column with country-specific default data (in addition to the global default data) which will override the global data when it is available. More details on how to integrate this data are provided in the guidance note.

Download the Calculator

How It Works

The MISP calculator only requires the user to input the affected population numbers. The MISP calculator provides immediate access the best available data for each population in the affected country and/or subnational area. If no quality data on that affected population exists from prior to the emergency the tool defaults to estimated global constants. The user may also input site-specific data about the target population if it is available.

Users should re-download the calculator every few months as UNFPA will continuously update the national and sub-national data available.

Use the Calculator

  1. Download the MISP Calculator (Excel, 911 KB). Open the file and click the "MISP Calculator" tab
  2. Select the country of origin of the target population
  3. Select the nation or sub-nation where available
  4. Enter the number of persons affected
  5. OPTIONAL: Enter any site-specific information that you may have
  6. Data will be calculated for MISP-related indicators including maternal and newborn health, contraceptives, sexual violence, HIV, and other STIs
  7. On the ‘Visualizations’ tab you'll see basic graphics on your data that can be used/adapted for advocacy and fundraising

2019 Updates

For users familiar with the old calculator, this revised version has a few changes, but you shouldn't experience any difficulty using the new tool.

This version of the MISP calculator has four major differences compared to previous versions.

  1. The indicators provided are updated based on the revised MISP, from the 2018 Inter-Agency Field Manual
  2. New functionality allows for country-specific data to override the global constants if no site-specific information is available
  3. There is now a basic visualization of the data that can be used for advocacy purposes