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Guaranteeing sexual and reproductive health medical supplies and commodities are available in humanitarian settings when they are needed and to all who need them.

  • Preparing for an emergency by anticipating risk and mitigating the impact of limited access to supplies.
  • Ensuring access to Interagency Reproductive Health (IARH) kits where needed at the onset of humanitarian situations.
  • Re-establishing and repairing supply chains and supporting decreased reliance on IARH kits.

Why It Matters

Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) supplies and commodities are essential to providing high quality SRH services. During acute crises, the collapse of health systems is common, including interrupted health supply chains. When the initial chaos of an acute emergency subsides work can begin to re-establish or repair national health supply chains, even in protracted emergencies.

How We Work

Our work on this issue is led by the Supplies Sub-Working Group—a dedicated group of IAWG members who set the priorities and advance research, practice, and advocacy for sexual and reproductive health supplies. Learn about their current objectives, priorities, and latest work.

Sub-Working Group

Sexual and reproductive health services remain critical during COVID-19

IAWG members and partners are producing clinical and programmatic guidance, assessments, policy papers, and statements to ensure continued prioritization of sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout COVID-19 response in humanitarian settings.