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Improving Access to HIV Services in Humanitarian Contexts: New Strategies and Approaches

  • IAWG STI/HIV Sub-Working Group Online Webinar


HIV prevention and treatment are key components of a comprehensive SRH service package. Unfortunately, in humanitarian contexts worldwide, HIV services are historically under-prioritized, often at the expense of already marginalized populations. Join us for a webinar to begin understanding some of the ways the humanitarian community can integrate HIV prevention and treatment services into existing SRH services, especially those supporting marginalized populations. This panel will feature speakers from Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Uganda, and include discussions on the health and protection needs of refugees involved in selling sex, the outcomes of prevention of mother to child transmission intervention in a post-emergency refugee context, partner testing in a refugee setting, and adolescent SRH stigma and HIV testing among urban and displaced youth.

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  • Sandra Harlass, UNHCR Addressing the health and protection needs of Rohingya refugee women, men, and transgender involved in selling sex.
  • Tessa van Boekholt, UNHCR Outcomes of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) program in a post-emergency refugee context, Northern Uganda.
  • Miata Tubee Johnson, UNHCR Improving HIV partner testing in a refugee emergency: a case study of Nyarugusu refugee camp in the Republic of Tanzania.
  • Carmen Logie, University of Toronto Exploring associations between adolescent sexual and reproductive health stigma and HIV testing awareness and uptake among urban refugee and displaced youth in Kampala, Uganda.


Fatiha Terki, WFP’s Deputy Director of Nutrition and HIV Global Coordinator