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IPPF MA in India, Family Planning Association of India (FPAI) is responding to the devastating Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal, India through provision of essential Sexual and Reproductive Health services to the communities affected by the cyclone.

Tropical Cyclone AMPHAN hit West Bengal with a wind speed of up to 190 kmph on May 20 rampaged through the coast of the state taking 87 lives on the same day and now risen to 98 and affecting over 13 million people. More than 700,000 people were evacuated across India and at least 80,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed (IMD, 2020). The cyclone hit the state at a time when it has seen a spike in COVID 19 cases and now the state is braced for an increase in the numbers because people are huddling in shelters post-Cyclone Amphan. This is also a time when the State is having an influx of migrants due to the economic impact of COVID 19. While the government response is underway, their focus is largely around food, shelter water, and the health sector response seems more focused on COVID 19 prevention and response. There are concerns that the lifesaving Sexual and Reproductive Health needs of communities most impacted could be neglected.

Hence, IPPF Member association, in India, FPAI which operates through 43 Branches and Projects across 18 States, And has a network of 40 Reproductive Health and Family Planning centers which are equipped with medical facilities and human resource would be conducting medical camps in the affected sites to provide ANC -PNC, family planning services, safe abortion counseling, consultation and referral, STI RTI Management, Gynaecological health problem management, Adolescent health issues, GBV and COVID 19 screening, counseling, referrals for identified complicated cases and other non SRH services. Sanitary napkins packs for 3 months will be distributed to around 3000 adolescent girls in the reproductive age group attending the camps.

Maximum Privacy and confidentiality would be ensured during the check-ups so that counseling and check-ups take place in different spaces/ rooms and using portable curtains. Social distancing measures will be adopted to manage the clients and the safety of the staff.