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Diploma in Tropical Nursing


This 3-week intensive programme is designed for nurses and midwives who intend to work in developing countries. The course will provide a wide knowledge base, incorporating laboratory work, clinical aspects of infectious diseases, child health, sexual health, neglected tropical diseases, non-communicable diseases as well as professional topics such as leading change, governance and ethics.

The Diploma in Tropical Nursing (DTN) is awarded by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) as part of its suite of non credit-bearing Professional Diploma programmes aimed at enhancing the knowledge, skills and competencies of health care professionals working in low and middle-income resource settings.

The Programme is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing for 90 study hours. The curriculum has been informed by the requirements of organisations deploying nurses in low and middle income countries (e.g. Medicins Sans Frontieres; Voluntary Service Overseas) and is designed to introduce common health topics that nurses and midwives are likely to come across whilst working in these settings.

The DTN begins with a period of self-study and formative evaluation (estimated 20 learning hours) before commencing an intensive, 3 week taught element. It concludes with a 3 week assessment period supported by online tutoring. This format of concentrated contact time combined with flexible self-study makes the programme accessible to participants concurrently engaged in professional practice.

Course Outline

Day 1 Welcome Day and Course Introduction

Day 2 Public Health in the Tropics

Day 3 Public Health, Nursing & Community

Day 4 Parasites

Day 5 Sexual & Reproductive Health

Day 6 Humanitarian Emergencies / Refugee Health

Day 7 International Child Health

Day 8 Child Health & Malnutrition

Day 9 Laboratory Testing

Day 10 Laboratory Testing

Day 11 Management, Managing Re-sources & Leading Change

Day 12 TB & HIV

Day 13 Neglected Tropical Diseases

Day 14 General Review of course

Day 15 Examinations & Evaluation

For more information and to apply, please visit the website below:

November 27 - December 15, 2017
Registered nurses and midwives with at least 2 years experience
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Pembroke Place, Liverpool, UK
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

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