Strengthening access to and quality of reproductive health services in humanitarian settings


Training Partnership Initiative

At the IAWG Training Partnership Initiative (TPI) hub, you can find news, training resources, a member area with a discussion forum, and much more. For more information about the IAWG-TPI, please read our program overview in English or French and our 2019 Terms of Reference.

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Learn more about the IAWG Training Partnership, access a list of available training resources within the IAWG network and check out the map of the IAWG training network.



The IAWG-TP partners with training institutes in crisis-prone countries to increase capacity to address sexual and reproductive health needs in emergencies. Learn more.

Calendar of Trainings

Information on upcoming trainings

Together for safe births in crises

Connect on social media with a professional community where frontline maternal health workers in crises can access information, support, and skills.