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The Safe Delivery App: A resource for remote health workers

Featured at Women Deliver in Copenhagen this past week, the Safe Delivery App (SDA) helps address the need to deliver remote, high quality training in a format that can reach health workers in the periphery of the health system.

The SDA, developed by Maternity Foundation in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark, is a tool that addresses basic emergency obstetric and newborn care (BEmONC) and can be used in pre-service and in-service trainings as well as on-the-job as resource.

The content of the app is based on global clinical guidelines and has been validated with an international group of global health experts. It contains animated instructional videos, action cards, a list of medications and practical procedure instructions addressing the seven signal functions of BEmONC in addition to infection prevention, newborn management and active management of the third stage of labor. The app can be pre-installed on mobile devices and the features are then available independent of internet or network access.

Use of the app shows the potential impact of providing training resources in this innovative format. According to the Maternity Foundation, the first four films of the app (Active management of third stage labor, Postpartum hemorrhage, Manual removal of retained placenta, and Neonatal resuscitation) were tested in a one-year randomized controlled trial in 78 facilities in Ethiopia in 2014 to assess the impact on health workers life-saving skills and knowledge. Key results revealed a significant increase in the skills and knowledge level of the health workers using the app.

Maternity Foundation has made a commitment to UN’s Every Woman Every Child to reach 10,000 health workers with the app by end 2017 and thereby ensure a safer birth for 1 million women.

Learn more about the Maternity Foundation and the Safe Delivery app.

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