Mobile App: Safe Abortion (SA) from Hesperian

The Safe Abortion (SA) mobile app from Hesperian provides comprehensive information on safe abortion that can be used alone or shared by women, healthcare workers, and women’s health advocates. Once downloaded, the app operates offline, without a data plan or internet access.

By meeting women’s needs for reliable, understandable and actionable information, this app can help prevent the harm caused by unsafe abortion and restrictions on women’s access to reproductive health.

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The app provides:

  • A pregnancy calculator: Plug in the date of your last period to determine how many weeks pregnant you are. The app calculates which safe abortion method is most recommended, which other methods will work, and which will not.
  • A comparison of methods: It explains all methods of safe abortion – medical abortion with pills, MVA and EVA suction abortions, and D&E surgical abortions – and the pros and cons of each method.
  • What to expect: For each method, it explains how to prepare, and what happens during and after the abortion.
  • Explicit instructions: How to use misoprostol (with or without mifepristone) and the correct doses at different weeks of pregnancy.
  • Emergency Contraception: How to use dedicated EC pills as well as common birth control pills, for women who had unprotected sex less than 5 days before and wish to prevent a possible pregnancy.
  • Danger signs: What to do if there is fever, excessive pain or bleeding, or other worrisome signs, providing clear indications when clinical or emergency help is needed.
  • An extensive FAQ section: Answers to more than 30 questions about abortion procedures and concerns, presenting clear, medically correct, nonjudgmental responses to support women making their own decisions and controlling their own bodies and futures.

Download the app.