Job aids for health care providers in humanitarian settings

From PATH, in close collaboration with the UNFPA, these job aids aim to improve the correct use of reproductive health technologies in crisis settings.

tag(s): Refugees, Internally displaced persons, Migrants, Urban, Camp-based, Women, Pregnant women, Adolescents and young adults, Children, Infants, Newborns


Using and Adapting the Job Aids
The job aids are provided here ready to print and use with English text, or with the relevant spaces left blank for you to add the appropriate text in your own or the local language(s) (note: while it may be helpful to provide multiple language versions of the job aids, we do not advise that you include several languages on a single copy of the posters).

Click on the image of each job aid to download the document with English text, or on the links below for text-free versions ready for your own adaptation.

The PDF without text versions of the posters can either be edited with Adobe Acrobat, or printed and completed by hand.

The Powerpoint without text versions of the posters can be edited in Powerpoint and then either printed or displayed on screen.

Post-Rape Care for Adults and Children Pocket Guide

Instrument Sterilization Process Poster

Procedure for Use of Vacuum Extractor Poster

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