Inter-agency Reproductive Health Kits (2011)

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Block 1

  • Six kits to be used at the community and primary health care level for 10,000 persons / 3 months, by service providers delivering RH care.
  • The kits contain mainly medicines and disposable items. Kits 1, 2 and 3 are subdivided into parts A and B, which can be ordered separately.

Kit 0 Administration [Orange]

Kit 1 Condom (Part A is male condoms + Part B is female condoms) [Red]

Kit 2 Clean Delivery (Individual) (Part A + B) [Dark blue]

Kit 3 Post-Rape (Part A + B) [Pink]

Kit 4 Oral and Injectable Contraception [White]

Kit 5 STI [Turquoise]


Block 2

  • Five kits to be used at the community and primary health care level for 30,000 persons / 3 month.
  • The disposable and reusable items in these kits are intended for use by trained health care staff with additional midwifery and selected obstetric and neonatal skills at the health centre or hospital level.

Kit 6 Delivery (Health Facility) [Brown]

Kit 7 IUD [Black]

Kit 8 Management of Complications of Abortion [Yellow]

Kit 9 Suture of Tears (Cervical and vaginal) and Vaginal Examination [Purple]

Kit 10 Vacuum Extraction for Delivery (Manual) [Grey]


Block 3

  • Composed of two kits containing disposable and reusable supplies to provide comprehensive EmONC at the referral (surgical obstetrics) level.
  • It is estimated that a hospital at this level covers a population of approximately 150,000 persons/ 3 months. Kit 11 has two parts, A and B, which are usually used together but which can be ordered separately.

Kit 11 Referral level for Reproductive health (Part A + B) [Fluorescent Green]

Kit 12 Blood Transfusion [Dark Green]