MISP Module Post-Test English

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1. When should the MISP be implemented?
2. The activities expected of an RH Officer facilitating the implementation of the MISP include:
3. What are some components of good integration of RH in health coordination in urban areas?
4. MISP supplies can be obtained by:
5. Which of the following activities should be undertaken in the early days of an emergency?
6. What type of services should be offered to a rape survivor?
7. Which of the following does not help to prevent sexual violence in a crisis situation?
8. Which of the following will support adolescent RH?
9. Condoms should only be procured from UN agencies to ensure quality.
10. What are the requirements of a referral-level facility for comprehensive emergency obstetric care?
11. A natural disaster has suddenly displaced hundreds of thousands and you are the RH program officer for your organization. What are some of the priority RH activities you immediately undertake?
12. Which one of these is not a priority activity in addition to the MISP?
13. You are the RH officer in the Lead RH agency in the health cluster /sector and are trying to ensure skilled birth attendance and emergency obstetric care and newborn care are available. Which of the following activities below is not a component of the MISP?
14. You have tried to procure clean delivery kits through UNFPA, but logistical challenges have significantly delayed the arrival of these supplies. Given this reality, what can you do to address this situation?
15. Which agency can act as the “lead RH agency” in an emergency?