IAWG Insider, Monthly Newsletter

IAWG is excited to introduce IAWG Insider, a monthly newsletter sent to the IAWG community of more than 3,000! IAWG Insider highlights the achievements, updates, and opportunities from IAWG members and the field. This monthly newsletter replaced the PUSH Journal which has been sent historically.

Signing Up

If you are currently a member of Knowledge Gateway and receiving emails via the IAWG listserv, you will be automatically included in the IAWG Insider mailing list. Manage your subscription preferences or sign-up

Submitting Content

If you are interested in submitting content for inclusion in the newsletter, please click the “Suggest Content” button below. Please note, we will not be accepting content from before April 2019.

 Types of Content

  • Upcoming events, like conferences, webinars, and networking events.
  • New resources, like reports, guidelines, and advocacy statements.
  • New research findings.
  • Upcoming or on-demand training that is available to the IAWG community.
  • News and announcements like articles, press releases, or new initiatives.
  • Organizational profiles: we will be spotlighting a different organization or project each month to learn more about our members and the contexts in which they work, submit yours!
  • Other: have something that doesn’t fit these categories? That’s okay! Submit using the “other” option.