Earthquake in Ecuador

On April 16, 2016 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Northern Ecuador. This earthquake was followed by six aftershocks of 6.0 or more. Major infrastructural damaged resulted; an estimated 1,808 buildings were destroyed and 1,856 buildings were severely affected which forced many people to flee their homes. It is estimated that 750,000 individuals have been affected by the earthquake, including 650 deaths, 4,605 injuries, and 33,366 relocated to shelters. In May 2016 government groups and organizations met to analyze the humanitarian response needed, including the response to gender-based violence. UNFPA coordinators set up workstations within Ministry of Health facilities in the city Portoviejo on sexual and reproductive health and GBV. In addition, SRH kits are currently being distributed in ManabĂ­ and Esmeraldas.31

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