Armed groups in Ukraine

Fighting between the government’s forces in Eastern Ukraine and armed groups has been ongoing since 2014. The turmoil has forced many to flee their homes, with over 1.35 million registered internally displaced persons.40 Women are disproportionately affected by a severe reduction in health services. Pregnant and lactating women continue to face compromised access to reproductive health and referral services, antenatal and post-natal care, and safe birthing options. This exposes pregnant women to a high risk of pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality. In 2013, the reported maternal mortality ratio was 23 deaths per 100,000 live births. In 2012, 68.0% of married/in-union women of reproductive age had their need for family planning satisfied with modern contraceptive methods. In 2012,  87.2% of women aged 15-49 who experienced a live birth received antenatal care four or more times.41 These numbers are expected to decline as a result of the conflict and displacement. NGOs working with women living in highly militarized areas are especially concerned as these women are exposed to sexual violence, transactional sex, and unhealthy and unsafe sexual practices.42

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