VC Sub-Working Group


  • Feed into IAFM manual revision, update technical pieces (this may include more comprehensive family planning (FP) approaches (integration of FP with other SRH elements: GBV referrals, safe abortion counseling, adolescent health, inclusion of fertility treatments).
  • Documentation of learning to date on FP: Need to show what is feasible in which settings, otherwise ground may be lost. This will be referenced in the IAFM revisions.
  • Raise the profile of crisis populations in the development community.
  • Foster broad SWG participation.

Activities related to these priorities:

  • Can be discussed further on calls: How to move the industry in these directions?
  • Share learning on adaptation of existing tools and where to make them available: either vetting process to choose or focus on adaptation. Develop a series of recommendation for adaptation.
  • Address provider attitudes and bias.

What might we need to move forward with these priorities?

  • SWG participation: Have more free call-in lines, to prevent cost from being an obstacle, with possible alternate calls in Asia/U.S. time.
  • Help with documentation needs: Have a consultant do key informant interviews with all participants to find out what they do in FP and what documentation exists. The consultant will allow this to occur quickly so the information compiled may be used in the IAFM revision. Translations, e.g., English – French, should be considered. Information can also be pulled from regional working groups.
  • Facilitate South-to-South interaction: Give resources to participants to develop recommendations and guidance. This can be further facilitated through interaction of regional IAWG.
  • Request co-leadership for SWG for Francophone Africa and Asia regions.
  • Event tomorrow: Share learning on FP in emergencies and successes in commodities and supply chain. People will rotate around tables and talk for about 20 minutes per table.

Voluntary Contraception:

  • Reposition VC within the MISP.
    • Develop and advocate suggested revisions to the IAFM MISP chapter (building off the IAWG position paper for the repositioning of FP within the MISP that clearly outlines the justification and recommendations).
    • Mobilize members of this SWG to review and revise the IAFM chapter on VC.
    • Document learning from contraception program implementation, to date. This activity may include assisting organizations to document their case studies/learning, hiring a consultant to cull learning through interviews, or implementing an IAWG survey via survey monkey.
  • Raise visibility of VC for crisis affected populations within global communications.
    • Position VC for populations affected by crisis (messaging and needs) within high level dialogues (Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) and Family Planning 2020 (FP2020), among others).
  • Diversify involvement in the WG (NEW).
    • Develop strategy for liaising with regional IAWGs for input to global processes.