Logistics Sub-Working Group

Background: The IAWG has a number of thematic and cross-cutting reproductive health (RH) working groups focused on specific issues that are relevant to IAWG member organizations.  This Working Group was recently started, emerging from the findings in the 2014 Global Evaluation that identified gaps within the supply chain and logistics systems in many crisis settings.  Specifically the evaluation found “poor commodity management and security caused stock-outs and prevented a smoother transition from the RH Kits and the Minimal Initial Services Package (MISP) to more comprehensive RH services.”

Major Objective:

To improve the global coordination of the IAWG member agencies for the availability of SRH commodities and supplies in crisis-affected settings.

Specific Objectives:

1.0 To gather more information about SRH commodity supply chain gaps and solutions from IAWG member agencies.


1.1 Conduct literature review (completed)
1.2 Develop Logistics Questionnaire (Survey Monkey) and share draft with relevant personnel at JSI, UNFPA, and other relevant IAWG members. (completed)
1.3 Finalize Logistics Questionnaire and implement among IAWG agencies (completed)
1.4 Analyze survey results and document findings (completed)
1.5 Use results to finalize in-depth qualitative interview tool (completed)
1.6 Conduct, analyze and document findings from qualitative key informant interviews (in process)
1.7 Finalize qualitative results in a summary report and possibly a journal article
1.8 Disseminate results

2.0 Develop and implement logistics SWG advocacy strategy to address the findings

2.1 Utilize findings from quantitative and qualitative logistics research to determine most effective, efficient and feasible strategies for this working group to address some of the logistics barriers.
2.2 Consider the development of specific guidance tools based on the gaps and some identified solutions learned.
2.3 Request funding/explore funding opportunities from partners and/or agencies to explore interventions aimed at addressing the findings

Membership:  This group is open to all IAWG members.

  • Meetings Frequency: Every other month
  • Roles and Responsibilities: JSI, UNFPA, and Women’s Commission as working group organizers  1