Task Team on Male Survivors of Sexual Violence

Terms of Reference

Overall Goal

The IAWG Task Team on Male Survivors of Sexual Violence aims to improve the quality, availability, access, and utilization of priority minimum and comprehensive services for male survivors of sexual violence in humanitarian settings (including those with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity /expression) and to ensure that these efforts complement and/or reinforce services for female survivors.


Dr Sarah Chynoweth
Women’s Refugee Commission

2019-2020 Objectives

  1. Serve as a discussion platform/clearinghouse regarding male sexual violence survivors and share information, lessons learned, and good practices regarding:
    1. provision of clinical management of male survivors;
    2. enabling service uptake for male survivors (including for those with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity/expression);
    3. capacity building of health providers and other frontline workers;
    4. capacity building regarding caring for child and LGBTI+ survivors more broadly (including liaising with the IAWG LGBTI+ SWG).
  2. Better identify the short- and long-term health impacts and needs of male survivors in humanitarian settings (e.g., genital and rectal trauma such as testicular rupture, amputation of testicles or penis, and anal fistulae, urinary problems, prostatitis, etc.)
  3. Provide inter-agency review and technical inputs to ensure new resources and materials related to male survivors are in line with current guidance, including the 2018 IAWG Field Manual and WHO Clinical Management of Rape guidelines;
  4. Consider and discuss ethical issues regarding researching and responding to sexual violence survivors;
  5. Ensure efforts related to male survivors build on and reinforce caring for female survivors, particularly related to capacity development, awareness-raising, and programming.